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Shubha Varma

"Our accommodation was arranged at Wayanad HillView Homestay, a short walk from Kalpetta town. The bustle of the town faded away as soon as we turned into a pocket road; it was dark, myriad stars twinkled in the dark velvet night sky stretched between slender trunks of areca trees.

The homestay was a sprawling double storied concrete mansion set in a small garden. The family was waiting at the porch to receive us. After refreshments, we were ushered to a double room on the upper floor, overlooking a valley. A lavish Kerala style dinner was laid out for us when we returned downstairs. There were 3 double bedrooms available. Since we were the only guests we had the entire house for ourselves. We spent sometime in the lawn playing with the frisky Alsatian dog ‘Paula’ before retiring for the night." - Shubha Varma, a guest from New Delhi, who visited Wayanad HillView Homestay in November 2009.

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Jimmith Karvy

"The owner at Wayanad Hill View, Mr.Joseph Karumalil, served us amazingly well. He took care of arranging a pick up from Calicut railway station and also helped us with sight seeing through the very beautiful Wayanad. Mouth Watering recipes that ranged from poothu, appams and dosas to porrotas (paranthas in north india, but in Kerala style) to chicken curry, aviyals (vegetable mix) served on traditional banana leaf formats were absolutely delicious. Besides, the German Shepherd, Paula, was an excellent company for our small treks close to home. I would recommend Wayanad Hill View to anyone and everyone visiting Wayanad. "Jimmith Karvy, a sales consultant in Australia, who had come over to the homestay with his group of Mumbaite friends in May 2010.

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For further information regarding accommodation or sight seeing around Wayanad, please contact Mr. Joseph Karumalil at +91 9833416688 or
+91 8281016310. Alternatively, you can drop an email at joseph.karumalil@gmail.com
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